Trading Blacklist

The trading blacklist consists of users who have broken the r/Fallout76Marketplace subreddit rules. Their offenses include but not limited to

The link for the complete blacklist is in the menu above. We advise checking the blacklist before trading, especially if you are not using a courier and are dropping first. Even then, one should remain cautious. Blacklist does not guarantee that you will not be scammed. Record all your trades. It will help us catch the scammer in case things go south. But most importantly, keep in mind that some offers are too good to be true.


To search a user on the blacklist, you either need to provide their reddit/discord username or their gamertag. If you provide both inputs, the search engine is going to prefer the gamertag since it is generally more accurate. The search engine uses the trello api combined with XBOX and PlayStation API (assuming gamertag is provided) to determine if the user is present in the blacklist. However, for XBOX, the API is picky about the naming convention.

For XBOX gamertag, you need to provide the XBOX 360 compatible gamertag. Generally, the XBOX 360 compatible GT is the one with just alphabets and numbers. For example, the XBOX 360 compatible gamertag of VaultTecCo#2648 is VaultTecCo2648. Note that not even pound symbol (#) is present in XBOX 360 GT version. Searching GT for Playstation and PC is pretty straight forward as they don't multiple naming conventions.

Note: You can only make one request every few minutes. If you get a rate limit error message wait a few minutes before checking another Gamertag/Reddit Username. If you get any unexpected errors, screenshot the website and send it to us using the contact us button in the menu.

Thanks for trading with us!

Search in Blacklist


For XBOX Gamertag, Enter the XBOX 360 Compatible GT.   Also, make sure to select the correct platform before searching.